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Administration: ROCOR (top)
Eastern American Diocese -

Info on and events in our diocese

Official Website of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad -

ROCOR: Admisitration, News, Parishes, Clergy Directory, Archived Documents and more.


Churches & more (top)
Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God -

a sister parish in Albany, NY

Church of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple -

a sister parish in Stratford, CT

Orthodox Church of St. John the Russian -

a sister parish in Ipswich, MA

Ponomar - Daily Calendar Readings
Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Epiphany -

a sister parish in Roslindale - Boston, MA

Saint Seraphim Youth Camp -

Orthodox Youth Summer Camp in the Pocono Mts. PA

St. John the Baptist ROC in D.C. -

Cathedral in our Nations Capitol Washington DC

St. Nicholas ROC -

a sister church in Stratford, CT

St.Xenia Orthodox Church -

a sister church in Methuen, MA

Thoughts for Each Day of the Year According to the Daily Church Readings from the Word of God By St. Theophan the Recluse -

Select calendar day, scroll down to commentary 


Display Resource (top)
Evening Prayers -

Audio - Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville Prayer Book

Jordanville Readings -

Daily Audio Readings - Holy Trinity Monastery

Morning Prayers, -

Audio - Holy Trinity Monastery-Jordanville Prayer book

Prayers in English - MYRIOBIBLOS -

Prayers - Text


General Resources (top)
About Orthodoxy - Excellent Resource -

Information for the Inquirer, Continuing Education for the Faithful

Calendar info -

Daily Scripture Readings, brief lives of Saints, Yearly dates to remember

Daily Prayer with Holy Cross Monastery -

Prayers - Audio

Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore -

English and Russian Publications and more.

Orthodox Christian Booklets -

Information for Inquirers and continuing education for the Faithful

On Christian faith and life, Holy Scriptures, prayer, sacraments, lives of saints, theology and selected writings from the Holy Fathers

Orthodox Christian Infomation Center -

information for the inquirer and continuing education for the faithful

Orthodox Christianity - News and articles -

A site in English from the Russian Church IN Russia:  News, seasonal sermons and articles, links, and more

Orthodox Library -

Books and more may be viewed or downloaded

Orthodox Outlet for Dogamatic Enquiries -

Information for the Inquirer, continuing education for the Faithful

Orthodoxy: A difference in orientation -

The difference between Orthodoxy and other confessions

Ponomar online menologion -

Calendar, Daily Scripture Readings, Lives of Saints

Prologue from Ochrid -

This version includes not only the Lives of the Saints, but also the Hymns of Praise, Reflection, Contemplation and Homily sections for every day, just as Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic wrote it in the original Serbian text

At site, select Julian/Church Calendar Date for complete Prologue offering for the day


This translation of the Prologue is copyright © 1999 Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Western America.


Re: Receiving Holy Communion -

Info re: the Importance, Preparations and Frequency by Archpriest Gregory

go to  Library/Prayers

Repentance - a Brief Confession -

may be used for review

Repentance Guidance -

may aid in preparing for Confession


Historical Studies of the Russian Church Abroad Deacon -Andrei Psarev,


Lenten Resources (top)
Canon of St. Andrew of Crete -

Used in the 1st and 5th weeks of Great Lent

Canon; Life of St. Mary of Egypt -

Life of St. Mariy of Eqypt read amidst the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, 5th Week of Great Lent

Lenten Triodion
Lenten- prayers -

Prayers and Services commonly or exclusively used during Great Lent


Monastic Residences (top)
+Hermitage of the Holy Cross W.VA
+Holy Trinity Monastery - Jordanville -

Primary Monastery of R.O.C.O.R.


Prayers, Liturgical Texts (top)
Gospel, Epistle, Saints of the Day-Ponomar Menolgion
Weekly Liturgical Texts and Resources -

Upcoming Liturgical Service Details