St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
343 N. Maple St., Enfield, CT 06082
Welcome To St.Nicholas Orthodox Church
W.Springfield,MA 1953-2014
W.Springfield,MA 1953-2014
W.Springfield,MA 1953-2014
Relocated Enfield ,CT 2014
Relocated Enfield ,CT 2014
Relocated Enfield ,CT 2014
 The Nave
The Nave
The Nave

Greetings! Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church is the R.O.C.O.R. parish for the greater Springfield and Western MA and Northern Connecticut area since c.1952 under the authority, blessing, and protection of His Emminence NICHOLAS, Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad.

Our services are primarily in English with some Church Slavonic. We follow the Julian Calendar liturgically as is the tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church. Our parishioners come from throughout the Pioneer Valley & northern Connecticut. Visitors are always welcome—please have a glance at our schedule of services and come visit St. Nicholas Orthodox Church now located just over the Massachusetts border in Enfield, CT.


Regular & Upcoming Services

Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos

Tuesday 9/20 Vigil 6:30 pm

Wednesday  9/21 Divine Liturgy 7:00 am, 6:40 hours

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

Monday 9/26 Vigil 6:30 pm

Tuesday 9/27 Divine Liturgy 7:00 am, 6:40 hours


Regular Weekly Services

Saturday Vigil 6:00pm

Sunday Divine Liturgy 9:30am;

     Hours 9:10 am, Holy Communion preparatory prayers 8:30am


Weekday - Feast Days  - unless otherwise announced

   Vigil 6:30 pm Great Vespers with Litia, Matins, First Hour

     Divine Liturgy 7:00am,Third & Sixth Hours at 6:40am



Scripture and Saints
Daily Readings-Prologue from Ochrid
The Prologue of Ohrid: September 11th

1. Our Holy Mother Theodora.

From Alexandria, she was the wife of a young man. Urged on by a fortune-teller, she committed adultery with another man. Her conscience immediately began to trouble her, and she cut off her hair and dressed in men's garb, then went off to the men's monastery of Octodecatos under the man's name of Theodore. Her labours, fasts, vigils, meekness and tearful repentance were a source of wonder to all the brethren. Slandered by some harlot, who said that Theodora had lain with her, she would not let the truth be known, regarding it as a punishment from God for her former sin. Driven out of the monastery, she spent seven years wandering in the forests and deserts, caring for the harlot's child. She overcame all the enemy's assaults, refusing to worship Satan, to take food from the hand of a soldier or to heed her husband's demand that she return to him - for all that was simply devilish illusion, and when Theodora made the sign of the Cross, it all vanished away like smoke. After seven years, the abbot of the monastery received her back, and she lived there in asceticism a further two years and then entered into rest in the Lord. Only then did the monks learn that she was a woman; an angel appeared to the abbot and explained everything to him. Her husband came to her funeral, and remained till his death in the cell of his former wife. St Theodora had very great grace from God: she tamed wild beasts, healed sicknesses and brought water to a dry well. Thus God glorified this true penitent, who, with heroic endurance, spent nine years repenting of one sin. She entered into rest in the year 490.

2. St Paphnutius the Confessor.

A bishop in the Egyptian Thebaid, he suffered greatly for the Orthodox faith: heretics put out one of his eyes and broke his left leg. He took part in the First Ecumenical Council, refuting the Arian heresy with great power. The Emperor Constantine valued him greatly, and often kissed him on the missing eye, lost for the truth of Orthodoxy. At the Council, he stood in opposition to the western representatives, who proposed that secular priests be completely forbidden to marry. He was chaste throughout the whole of his life.

3. Our Holy Father Ephrosynus the Cook.

A simple man and a man of God, he served as cook in a certain monastery in the ninth century. The spiritual father of this monastery dreamed one night that he was in Paradise, and there saw Ephrosynus, who chose for him three apples of Paradise. When he awoke, he saw these three lovely and fragrant apples on his pillow. He quickly found Ephrosynus and asked him: 'Where were you last night, brother?' Where you were, Father', the blessed man of God replied. The spiritual father then revealed the whole affair to the monks, and all knew of the holiness and godliness of Ephrosynus. But he, fearing the praise of men, immediately fled from the monastery and hid himself in the desert, where he spent the rest of his life.

4. The Holy Martyr Ia.

Denounced by an idolatrous priest, she suffered for the Lord in Persia in the time of Sapor II, in 363. According to tradition, the sun was darkened at the time of her death, and the whole air was filled with a wonderful fragrance. She is glorified forever by the Lord.

5. The Holy Martyrs Diodore, Didymus and Diomedes.

They were flogged for Christ's sake in Laodicea, and gave their souls into the hands of their Lord.

Paschal Epistle of Our Newly Reposed First Hierarch

NEW YORK: April 22, 2022

Paschal Epistle of His Eminence +Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad

Posted on the R.O.C.O.R. website


From the Rector

If necessary, St. Nicholas Liturgical services will utilize the parish Hall in addition to the Nave of the Church providing an expanded area for worship.


 If by necessity church attendance is not possible, you may participate in liturgical services at home using the following resources for texts, and sites for internet broadcast- streaming of services.  Our chuch does not stream services.

For Readers Texts, Rubrics/How To, and Calendar Specific

Weekly Liturgical Texts and Resources

Saint Readers services

Sites where to find streaming services:

Slavonic & English

Eastern American Diocese - list

StJohn the Baptist Cathedral, DC 

Holy Epiphany ROC, Boston


St. Xenia ROC, Methuen, MA

Holy Cross Monastery





Donations to the Church: Options available
General Fund

All unrestricted donations

Planned Entry
Entry Construction
Entry Construction - $40,000.00
Restricted donation for Church Entrance w/cross and cupola started 01/01/2020

Restricted Fund: Formal entry porch with Cross, Cupola at main entry doors leading to parking lot.

$11,779.18 raised of $40,000.00
Ladies' Afternoon Tea Fundraiser - Postponed


After careful consideration and to our immense disappointment, we have decided to postpone the Ladies' Afternoon Tea until further notice. We are hoping to hold it once again in the future and look forward to seeing you then!



The ladies of St. Nicholas parish