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Holy Week Service Schedule 2020

Monday 4/00

        6:30pm-7:45 Bridegroom Matins 

Tuesday 4/00

        6:30pm-7:45 Bridegroom Matins

Wednesday 4/00

        6:30pm-8:00 Vigil for Holy Thursday

Thursday 4/00

8:30am Divine Liturgy

6:30pm Service of the 12 Gospels

Holy Friday 4/00

        8:30 Royal Hours 

5:00pm The Unnailing : Service of the Holy Shroud/Epitaphion/Plaschinitsa

6:30pm The Lamentations: Vigil for Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday 4/00

8:30am Divine Liturgy

10:00pm Reading of the Acts of the Apostles

11:15pm Midnight Office

Pascha / Easter Sunday 4/00

       12:00am Midnight Procession followed by Paschal Matins & Divine Liturgy of Pascha

       1:00pm pm Agape Vespers


Confessions before Pascha: there will be opportunities for confession at various times throughout Holy Week Services, Monday thru Friday.  Please make your intention known. Please also keep in mind that having one priest serving does not allow for lengthy periods for confession amidst any service, you may need to arrive early or remain after the service is ended. All confessions should be made prior to the Saturday night service.