Links of Interest

*An Orthodox Kitchen - An Orthodox Kitchen is a place for Orthodox Christians to exchange recipes for for fasts and feasts. You can browse recipes by fasting rule, which makes it easier for you to find what you need when you need it.

*Aunt Ede's Corner - Greeting and Occasion Cards by Matushka in support of our Building Fund efforts

*Find Us

*Saint Zosima Church Supply -ROCOR - Candles, Incense, Charcoal, Altar Wine, Baptismal Crosses

+Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God - a sister parish in Albany, NY

+Holy Cross Hermitage - Monastic Hermitage in W.Virginia; info, incense, icons, books, and more

+Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia ROC - A Sister parish in Norwich, CT

+Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore - English and Russian Publications

+Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville - Primary Monastery of R.O.C.O.R.

+Official Website of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - ROCOR

+Orthodox Church of St. John the Russian - a sister parish in Ipswich

+ROCOR-Eastern America Diocesan Site - info on events in our diocese

+Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Epiphany - a sister parish in Roslindale - Boston

+St. John the Baptist ROC in D.C. - Information for inquirers

+St.Xenia's Church, Methuen, MA - A sister parish north of Boston

Calendar info - daily: scripture readings, brief lives of saints yearly dates to remember

Canon of St. Andrew of Crete - First week of Great Lent and in the 5th week

Canon; Life of St. Mary of Egypt - Life of St.Mary of Egypt read amidst the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete in the 5th Week of Great Lent

Fr. Alexander: info and Holy Trinty Orthodox School - 1. Information for inquirers gathered and presented by Bishop Alexander of Blessed Memory who is reposed in the Lord; 2. Holy Trinity Orthodox School

Lenten Triodion

Lenten- prayers - Prayers and Services commonly or exclusively used in Great Lent

MONACHOS - - information for the inquirer

MURIOBIBLOS - Prayers and other Orthodox resources

Orthodox Christian Infomation Center - Information for inquirers

Orthodox Outlet for Dogamatic Enquiries - for the the inquirer

Orthodoxy: A difference in orientation - The Difference between Orthodoxy and other Confessions

Ponomar online menologion - Orthodox Christianity - News and articles

Prologue from Ochrid - Lives of Saints, Homily

Regarding Receiving Holy Communion - Information on the Importance, Preparation and Frequency by Archpriest Gregory Naumenko (go to Library/Prayers)

Repentance - a Brief Confession - Can be used to jog the memory or as a help to get started and combat forgetfulness

Repentance Guidance

Saint Seraphim Youth Camp - Camp Info, and link to photos

Weekly Liturgical Texts and Resources - upcoming and general services